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A Reputable Company Providing Imprinting Services

Upward Promotions Plus, Inc humbly started in a basement and joined the custom imprint industry in 2006. As the years passed, we slowly gained more customers, employees, and machinery. We also eventually put up a retail storefront where our clients can buy our products conveniently.

Meet Our Owners

Travis and Ashley, our owners, attribute the capabilities of our team to the glory of God. “His hand on our lives enables us to do things we would not otherwise be able to accomplish on our own. Prayer is everything! From everyday operating decisions to the overall direction of our company, we seek Him. Each staff member is prayed upon and has a God-given purpose in their employment with Upward Promotions Plus, Inc.”

Based on Faith

We love God and we love our staff. Our team values our customers and is blessed to work with our current client base. We pray for people to see Jesus in us and that He is glorified in all we do!

Fostering a Suitable Space

Upward Promotions Plus, Inc works with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and individuals, consistently going beyond expectations regarding quality and price. Our company is grounded by our desire to keep a small business feel in forming stronger bonds with our customers.

We seek to create an environment that is empowering and supportive of our team. Working within this kind of atmosphere enables us to produce high-quality products for our customers and deliver these items within the set deadlines.

Unmatched Quality

The range of our imprint services as well as the items we can produce is beyond the capabilities of other companies in the same industry. We take great pride in creatively meeting your style needs with one (or a combination) of our decoration methods.

Trust in Our Expertise

“What ever you want on what ever you wear” is more than just our mantra. We use our staff’s knowledge to accommodate your orders and meet all your expectations. We are known for our “sew” crazy fast turnaround times, quality imprint works, and orders that require no minimums amount. In every job we take, we make sure to maintain our integrity and work efficiently to meet our deadlines.

Get in Touch

Reach out to us to learn more about our company.