Upward Promotions Plus has been serving the custom imprint industry since 2006. What originally started in the basement has gained customers, employees, machinery, and a retail store front. We are grounded by our desire to maintain a small business feel in our relationships with our customers.

Owners Brad and Leah Garner attribute all ability to the glory of God. “His hand on our lives enables us to do things we would not otherwise be able to accomplish on our own. Prayer is everything! From everyday operating decisions to the overall direction of our company, we seek Him. Each staff member is prayed upon and has a God given purpose in their employment with Upward Promotions.” We seek to create a teamwork environment that is empowering and supportive. Working within that environment enables us to produce high quality products for our customers in the timeframes they expect. Here’s the gist of everything: We love God, we love our staff, we maintain integrity, we work efficiently, we meet deadlines, we value our customers, and we are blessed to work with our current customer base. We pray for people to see Jesus in us…that He be glorified in all we do!