The end of one busy season, is the beginning of a new one.

January, it seems, is the time we all sit back, take a breath, and re-evaluate just what we want to bring back into our lives for the next year. Of course, because we are what we are, we also make a list of all new stuff we intend to accomplish. Doesn’t seem fair, then, when we beat ourselves up at the end of the year, as we look at all those undone items. So, here we are, day twothreefourorfive, of “Resolutions”. Do this, do that, not that, but do this one better, and faster, and “enjoy life more”.
We do this in our personal lives, and we do it in businesses as well. You sit back, feet up on the desk, coffee in hand, and decide just where you think you need to make cuts in your business, and where else you need to make additions.
Do this better, do this less.
Check out our next few blogs regarding the Who-What-When-Where and How of marketing-and some of the pieces that go with it.
We HOPE to be a part of how you market your business with helpful ideas for apparel, promo products, and some other fun ways to get yourself out there. Maybe, just maybe, this will allow you the time needed to “enjoy life more”… because we certainly can’t be helpful in checking “Run A Marathon” off your resolution list. You’re on your own with that one.

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