By the Numbers

It’s the time of year, where, as a business, you are looking at numbers. Budgets. Plans. Where to spend what money on what items. And I guarantee, as you get ready to order those ink pens, you are thinking, “Is this worth it?”
The answer is, “YES!”.
There’s plenty of evidence out there that shows just how well it works to put promo products out to your customers, and I won’t drown you in research that you may very well be doing yourself, but check out these numbers:
55% of recipients keep/use their item a FULL 12 MONTHS after receiving it. (That’s some staying power!!!)
88% can recall the advertiser printed on the product;
62% recall the message on the product.
75% of people RESPOND to a solicitation, when it is paired with a promotional product.
73% of people use an item once a week; 45% of people use the item ONCE A DAY.
So, this week’s lesson is one in numbers…
and next week we will cover just WHAT makes the best promo products- by the numbers, of course.

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